Composer and producer TURI is fast making a name for himself with his minimal, immersive and predominantly instrumental style. Of Italian-Chinese descent, TURI was named after Sicilian outlaw, Salvatore ‘Turi’ Giuliano, who gained infamy for defying both law enforcement and the mafia.

Having recently transported his bedroom studio in Brisbane to his adopted home of Berlin, his current focus combines acoustic piano with experimental electronic music. When he’s not working as a recording engineer with Robbie Moore at Impression Recordings in Berlin-Wedding, TURI is often found collaborating with artists working across diverse genres. Recurring projects include touring Europe on synth for Martin L Craft and developing music and sound design for emerging theatre director, Jahman Davine.

TURI’s current live show is accompanied by a series of video portraits featuring faces of close family and friends. Lingering in an expressive interplay of sound and visual, the portraits invite the audience to reflect on the simultaneous sense of togetherness and isolation.


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